Have you ever heard of the double bounce rule in pickleball

If you’re a fan of pickleball or just starting out, this rule might seem daunting at first. 

But don’t worry! 

This guide will explain exactly what the double bounce rule is and why it’s so important for the game. 

This special rule—unique to pickleballrequires players to let the ball bounce once before returning it to their opponent for the first few shots of a match. 

But what does that mean in practice and how do you use it? 

Let’s take a closer look and see! 

What is the Double Bounce Rule? 

The double bounce rule requires players on both sides to let the ball bounce once before returning it for their first shot of the game. 

It helps to keep the game fair and balanced so that neither team has an advantage over the other. It’s actually one of my favourite rules of pickleball because it helps encourage rallies. 

This rule applies to both singles and doubles play. 

How Does the Double Bounce Rule Work? 

The double bounce rule begins immediately after the serve. 

It’s simple: The receiver must let the ball bounce before returning the serve to his/her opponent. 

The server must then let the return ball bounce once before hitting it back. 

After each side has let the ball bounce once, it’s game on! 

The ball no longer has to bounce before being returned. 

It’s important to note that if either player fails to let the ball bounce before hitting it, then they lose that point.

Why Is This Rule So Important? 

The double bounce rule is an important part of pickleball as it adds a layer of strategy and skill. 

For example, if a player knows that their opponent needs to wait until after the bounce before returning a serve, they can use this knowledge to place their return shots more carefully and thoughtfully. 

And knowing when your opponent has to hit their shot allows you to anticipate where they might be aiming and adjust your own positioning accordingly so that you can better defend against them. 

It also encourages longer rallies. 

Letting the ball bounce gives players a better chance at returning that shot by giving them enough time and space to get into position for a successful return. 

Besides, who wants to play a pickleball match where your opponent smashes the ball on the very first hit?

Not me!

An infographic explaining what the double bounce rule is in pickleball

Now that you know what the double bounce rule is and why it’s important in pickleball, you should feel more confident about playing competitively or even just having fun with friends! 

Just remember—both teams need to wait until the ball has bounced once before hitting back across the court. 

That way everyone stays on equal footing (or should we say paddle-ing?) throughout each point! 

Good luck out there, pickleballers. 

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