The Best Pickleball Shoes for Women (in 2023)

The best pickleball shoes for women

If you want to be the best pickleball player on the court, you need to have the right gear—especially when it comes to pickleball shoes for women. 

The right shoes can make a huge difference in your gameplay and your comfort level. 

Many pickleball shoes are designed for men or offer unisex sizing, but there are a few awesome pickleball shoes made specifically for women on the market right now. 

So let’s take a look at some of the best pickleball shoes for women. 

Our Top Pick: Women’s K-Swiss Express Light Pickleball Court Shoes

I wrote a full review of these K-Swiss Express Light Pickleball court shoes and explained exactly what made them the best-selling women’s pickleball shoe in 2022.

In summary? They provide really great support for lateral movements in pickleball (pickleball has a ton of side-to-side movements, and you really need shoes that will support that), and they are a real bargain.

There’s a reason they have SO many reviews on Amazon.

These K-Swiss court shoes also have one of the most stylish designs on the market right now. Heck, I would even wear these off the court!

Our Top Pick
K-Swiss Womens Express Light Pickleball Shoe
  • Best-selling women's pickleball shoe on Amazon
  • Added plantar support for increased mid-foot stability
  • Durawrap on the upper provides an extra line of defense against toe dragging on the court  
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05/31/2023 12:39 am GMT

Most Comfortable: Women’s Skechers Viper Court Pickleball Shoes

*In February 2023, Skechers also released the new Viper Court Pro shoe! Read my detailed review and breakdown of the differences between the Viper Court and the new Viper Court Pro.*

If you’re worried about comfortability more than anything, Skechers is probably what you’re looking for.

The all-pink design of these pickleball shoes is what first caught my eye. 

But what really sold me was the classic Skechers comfortability. 

If you’ve ever walked or run in a pair of Skechers, you know it feels just like walking on a cloud. This pair is no different. 

In terms of support, comfort, breathability, and style, the Women’s Skechers Viper Court Pickleball Shoes are the clear winner here. 

And if pink isn’t your colour, they’re also available in a cool space grey. 

Skechers Womens Viper Court Pickleball Shoes
  • The added arch support increases your comfort level significantly
  • Lightweight, cloud-like Skechers feel that you know and love
  • This shoe comes in fun colors including pink/white, black, and gray
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05/31/2023 02:20 pm GMT

Best for wide feet: FitVille Women’s Pickleball Shoe

You can choose from wide and extra wide in this court shoe from FitVille. This pair also comes in a stylish avocado green if pink isn’t your thing.

Best for Wide Feet
FitVille Womens Wide Width Court Shoes for Pickleball
  • Wide design for maximum comfort
  • Super soft & breathable fabric to stay cool
  • Removable insoles with arch support
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05/30/2023 03:46 pm GMT

Best support: Tyrol Pickleball Women’s Drive V Shoe

Tyrol shoes are designed specifically for pickleball players, meaning they have the additional support necessary for the side-to-side movements in pickleball.

This is important, as many tennis shoes are not made for these intense, lateral movements like pickleball shoes should be.

Best Support
Women's Tyrol Drive-V Pro Series Pickleball Shoe
  • Wide toe box and sculpted heel design ensure a comfortable stable fitting shoe.
  • Phylon midsole and Vibram outsole materials are designed for outdoor playing surfaces.
  • Medial side power clip and exterior heel counter add stability and support.
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05/30/2023 02:48 pm GMT

Best value: Wilson Rush Pro Ace Pickler Women’s Pickleball Shoe

For the price, the Wilson shoe offers the highest quality of any on our list. Wilson is a household name in racket sports, so you know these are shoes you’ll have for years to come. You’ll probably still be playing in these shoes in 2030.

Best Value
Wilson Rush Pro Ace Pickler Women's Pickleball Shoe
  • Layered with Sensifeel on the upper for additional breathability
  • 2E fit to accommodate wider feet
  • Symmetrical heel-toe chassis that limits supination to help control pivot movements
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05/30/2023 04:15 pm GMT

How are womens pickleball shoes different from mens?

Pickleball shoes for women are designed differently than regular pickleball shoes.

Women’s shoes are typically lighter weight with a lower center of gravity that helps players maintain balance and stability on the court. 

They also tend to have a narrower fit and deeper tread depths to provide better traction while playing. 

This allows female players to get more power behind their shots, move quickly around the court, and take advantage of any angles they can find. 

Many manufacturers create women’s pickleball shoe designs in bright colors and a range of styles so players can choose the shoe that fits their personality and style preferences. 

Regular pickleball shoe designs come in multiple color options and sizes but often lack specialized cushioning or extra support features that can be found in women’s versions.

With these features in mind, it is easy to see why having the right pair of shoes tailored specifically to women is so important in order to truly enjoy pickleball!

What type of shoes are best for pickleball?

The best pickleball shoes should have support on the sides. This is because the majority of your movements in pickleball are lateral (side-to-side). Wearing basketball shoes or other sports shoes for pickleball is not a good idea.

Shoes designed for pickleball will also typically have a low-profile rubber sole which provides excellent grip on the court surface and allows players to move quickly and change direction easily. 

They also tend to be lightweight but still provide support and cushioning for long hours of play. 

Additionally, many pickleball shoes feature mesh paneling or breathable synthetic materials which help keep feet cool and comfortable during intense matches. 

To put it simply: pickleball shoes should have cushion, control, traction, and stability. 

But do you need special shoes for pickleball?

No, you don’t need to invest in special shoes for pickleball right away. 

But if you find yourself playing a few times a week, you might want to invest in a solid pair of pickleball or court shoes. This will ensure you stay safe and comfortable during your matches.

It will also allow you to become a better player! Next stop—the pickleball pro circuit. 

Indoor vs Outdoor pickleball shoes

Indoor and outdoor pickleball shoes are designed for different play surfaces and feature several distinct differences.

 Indoor shoes are typically designed for hardwood or synthetic court surfaces and feature flat-soled construction with little to no tread. This design helps enhance footwork on the slick surface while providing stability and grip when needed. 

Outdoor shoes typically have a denser sole with deep tread patterns designed to increase grip on surfaces such as asphalt or concrete. Many outdoor models also feature water-resistant materials that help keep feet dry during inclement weather. 

The cushioning in an indoor shoe is tailored to absorb shock from quick stops and starts on hardwood or synthetic surfaces. The rubber or composite soles help ensure proper grip and keep you planted when making quick movements. 

Outdoor pickleball shoes, on the other hand, are designed to give more support and flexibility on softer court surfaces like grass or clay courts–as well as tougher-on-the-feet asphalt courts. 

Outdoor shoes generally feature thicker midsoles that provide more stability and protection over a longer period of playtime on abrasive surfaces. 

The higher airflow also prevents your feet from getting too hot in the summer sun. 

Additionally, outdoor shoes often feature a non-marking sole with aggressive treads to ensure better traction on slippery or wet surfaces. 

Ultimately, the type of shoe you choose will depend upon the kind of surface you’re playing on most frequently. 

But no matter where you’re playing—indoors or outdoors—having a good quality pair of pickleball shoes with the right fit can make all the difference for your skill level and enjoyment of the game!

Can you wear running shoes for pickleball?

Running shoes are made to go in one direction. 

They are designed for forward action movement only, whereas much of pickleball involves quick side-to-side movements. 

Traditional running shoes also may not provide the optimal cushioning needed for a comfortable game of pickleball

The ideal shoe should have enough cushioning and arch support, as well as a flexible sole that is responsive to quick turns and stops on the court. 

Shoes with outsoles made of rubber are also preferred, as they provide better traction and grip on the pickleball court. 

In the same vein, you should not wear basketball shoes or volleyball shoes for pickleball

Is there a difference between pickleball shoes and tennis shoes?

According to Tyrol, one of the leading makers and suppliers of pickleball shoes in America, both pickleball and tennis shoes are designed for court play, and both are suitable for both sports.

However, Tyrol pickleball shoes specifically:

  • Have added toe box width and height to prevent bruised toes (a common injury in pickleball). 
  • Have added depth to make room for custom orthotics. 
  • Have a stable playing platform that provides traction and torsional support to prevent rolled ankles (common with the quick side-to-side movement of pickleball). 

What shoes do pro pickleball players wear?

In the words of Wimbledon Champion JoAnne Russell, “it doesn’t matter what brand of shoe. But it has to be a pickleball or a tennis shoe”. 

The shoes that pro pickleball players wear likely has to do with who sponsors them. 

For example, Skechers is one of the sponsors of Major League Pickleball, so a number of players in the league wear shoes like the Viper Court Pickleball Shoes.

Many pro pickleball players were once tennis players, so they might already have tried and true court shoes that they still wear for their new sport.

As pickleball continues to grow in popularity, I’m sure we’ll see campaigns with pro players wearing pickleball shoes from brands like Nike, Adidas, and Wilson.

How to choose the right pickleball shoes

The Right Fit Matters

No matter what kind of shoe you’re looking for, getting the right fit is essential.

Check out reviews from people who have purchased similar models before – these can give you a rough idea of how true-to-size the product runs.

Don’t be afraid to go up or down half a size when buying online; this could make a huge difference in comfort level while playing.

Also keep in mind that different brands may fit differently even if they are in the same size range.

For example, Nike pickleball shoes run larger than Adidas shoes so if you’re making a purchase between two brands, try both on first or read reviews carefully. 

Choose Comfort Over Style 

It can be tempting to go with looks over comfort when browsing through pickleball shoes but trust us – this isn’t always the best move.

You’ll be spending hours on your feet during each match so it’s important to opt for a shoe that won’t cause any discomfort mid-match.

Look for cushioning around the heel and arch area as well as breathable uppers made from lightweight materials like mesh or faux leather.

Depending on your personal preference, different levels of cushioning can make all the difference. 

Go With Quality Over Price 

It’s natural to want to save money wherever possible but when it comes to pickleball shoes, quality should trump price every time.

Investing in a good pair of shoes means less wear and tear over time. This will ultimately save you money in the long run.

It also guarantees more control over your movements since higher-quality materials provide better grip and stability on court surfaces. 

Get Ready To Take Your Pickleball Game Up A Notch! 

Now that you know what features to look out for when shopping around for pickleball shoes, we hope you’re able to find your perfect match!

Whether it’s cushioning, breathability or arch support that floats your boat – just remember that quality is key and comfort should always come first.

With these pointers in mind, we wish you luck in your search for stylish yet practical pickleball footwear. Happy shopping, pickleballers.


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