Mastering the Kitchen: Pickleball Kitchen Rules


Today, we’re diving deep into the fascinating world of Pickleball, specifically focusing on the all-important “kitchen” rules. You may be asking, “Why the kitchen?” Don’t worry, we’re not talking about where you whip up your famous spaghetti Bolognese. In Pickleball lingo, the “kitchen” refers to the non-volley zone, and it’s an area that’s loaded with […]

What Does a Pickleball Court Look Like? 


With all this news of pickleball, do you find yourself wondering “what does a pickleball court look like?” Perhaps you have been playing the sport for a while, or maybe you’re new to the game and eager to learn. Regardless of your skill level, every player should know what makes up a pickleball court.  After […]

Pickleball Court Maintenance: Clean Up Your Court!


As any pickleball player can tell you, having a clean, well-maintained court is essential for playing your best game. After all, no one wants to try and hit a ball in the middle of a pile of leaves or deal with an errant dandelion sticking out of the ground.  A good pickleball court maintenance routine […]