Can you play pickleball on grass?


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Are you looking for a fun and challenging new sport to play? Pickleball might be just what you’re looking for! But can you play pickleball on grass? Let’s find out!

Can you play pickleball on grass?

Yes, you can play pickleball on grass. In fact, many people believe that playing pickleball on grass gives you a bit of an advantage since the ball travels slower and is easier to control. 

However, if your grass is in poor condition or is full of weeds, it’s probably not the best surface to play on. So make sure to check your lawn before heading out to play a game.

In fact, many people feel that playing pickleball on grass offers some advantages:

  1. The ball doesn’t bounce as high on grass, so it’s a little more difficult to hit. This can make the game more challenging and fun for experienced players
  1. A slower ball speed makes it easier for beginners to make contact with the ball
  1. Grass also tends to be cooler than asphalt or concrete, which can be nice on hot days

Another advantage of playing pickleball on grass is that the surface is a little more forgiving if you happen to dive for a ball!

That said, there are a few disadvantages to playing pickleball on grass.

  1. The surface can be a bit slippery when wet, so you’ll need to be careful when playing in the rain or after a rainstorm
  1. Grass can create more drag on the ball, which can slow it down and make it harder to hit

All in all, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, playing pickleball on grass can offer some fun challenges and unique benefits. So grab your paddle and head outside – it’s time to get your game on!

Can you play pickleball in the backyard?

So, you’re ready to set up a pickleball court on your grassy backyard? No problem! 

  1. First things first, pick out a flat court area and make sure there are no obstacles (like trees or fire hydrants) in the way
  1. Then, mark off the pickleball court dimensions with some chalk or spray paint – this will ensure you have a regulation-sized court. The pickleball court should measure 20×44 feet
  1. Next, set up the portable net so that it’s measuring 34 inches at the sidelines and 36 inches in the middle

As for equipment, all you really need is a pickleball paddle and a pickleball – but don’t forget to bring water and sunscreen!

As for maintaining a pickleball court on grass, make sure to keep the grass trimmed short so that it doesn’t affect gameplay and regularly fill in any holes or uneven areas with sand

And there you have it: a pickleball court ready for some good ol’ backyard fun. Just watch out for wayward balls rolling into the neighbor’s yard…or into their flowerbeds (oops).

What are the best pickleball shoes for playing on grass?

You want something with traction and stability, but you also don’t want to sink into the ground with every step. 

My personal favorite pickleball shoes for grass are the Rush Pro Ace Pickler Shoes. They’re made with a high-density, durable rubber compound that provides abrasion resistance and maximum traction on ALL surfaces. These shoes will help you stay stable while making those powerful shots.

They have just enough grip to keep me from slipping, but they’re still lightweight and comfortable.

But one thing’s for sure – flip flops are never a good idea for pickleball on grass (trust me, I learned the hard way). So go out there and try different options until you find your own pickleball lawn shoe holy grail.


What are the best pickleball strategies for playing on grass?

When it comes to pickleball on grass, strategy is key. 

First and foremost, you have to remember that the ball will bounce differently on grass. It will generally have a lower bounce, so keep that in mind when volleying and returning shots. That being said, don’t be afraid to go for low smashes – they can be very effective on grass. 

Take advantage of dinks – dropping the ball just over the net can throw off your opponents and give you an easy point. 

And finally, focus on your footwork – the extra friction from the grass surface may slow you down, so make sure to shuffle your feet and stay light on your toes

Grass pickleball may require a different approach, but with these strategies in mind, you’ll be serving up aces in no time.

How do you choose the right pickleball paddle for playing on grass?

Picking the right pickleball paddle for playing on grass can be tricky, but fear not we’re here to help! 

First, consider the surface of your chosen lawn. Is it soft and plush, or hard and bumpy? This will determine the type of paddle face you should pick:

  • a soft surface calls for a textured paddle face to give you more control over your shots
  • a harder surface may require a smooth face for more power 

Next, think about your desired playing style. Are you looking for more finesse and precision, or do you prefer to smash your opponents with powerful swings? 

  • a lighter paddle may work best for finesse players
  • while those looking for power might prefer a heavier paddle 

And last but not least, go with a paddle that fits comfortably in your hand – because happy hands lead to happy pickleball games on the grass!

Don’t be afraid to try out several options before committing to one – after all, finding pickleball nirvana on grass starts with the perfect paddle for your skills and preferences.

Happy pickling! 


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