The BEST Gifts for Pickleball Players (Ideas for 2023)


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Ever been gift shopping for a pickleball player and found yourself wondering, “What on earth do I get them?”

Look no further – we have the perfect list to spark some ideas for the best gifts for all the pickleball players in your life. 

Gifts for pickleball players

1. Pickleball Paddles

When it comes to gift-giving for pickleball players, a new paddle might just be the perfect present.

Like a trusty childhood blanket, players develop a strong attachment to their paddle.

But just like with blankets, sometimes it’s time for an upgrade. 

While some may not think of it as a flashy gift, it’s actually one that will have a significant impact on their game.

A high-quality paddle can offer improved grip, better control, and enhanced power

Plus, with all the dinking and smashing that goes on in the fast-paced sport, paddles can wear down quickly.

It’s sure to give them an edge on the court and bring some extra excitement to their game.

WILSON Echo Pickleball Paddle


Your pickleball gift recipient (either new or experienced) should be familiar with Wilson — the company has been a leading supplier of pickleball and tennis equipment for over 60 years and is well-known for its quality products and innovative designs. 

This Echo pickleball paddle is no different—and that’s why we believe it’s one of the best gifts for pickleball players.


The all-new Echo is perfect for players who value ball placement above all else on the court, and that’s exactly what all pickleball players should be focused on mastering.

Control is important in a sport like pickleball—so your giftee will appreciate you for looking out for their best game. 

More of our favorite features: 
  • High-quality, industry-standard honeycomb interior
  • Foam is wrapped in a sweat-proof grip tape
  • Durable fiberglass, designed to withstand the elements

Recess Classic Pickleball Paddle


If you really want to make their eyes light up – a Recess pickleball paddle is a great choice. The best part?

The designs! 

Recess pickleball paddles come in dozens of delightful colors, patterns, and limited edition runs, ensuring you’ll never have the same paddle as someone else on the court.

Each paddle has a custom screen-print designed by local artists in Austin, Texas

This composite paddle has a durable fiberglass surface with a high-quality honeycomb core and uses the same highly condensed foam that is used in the tennis and golf industry.

With so many fun colors and patterns available, the hardest choice will be picking which pattern is right for your pickler.

More of our favorite features: 
  • High-quality, industry-standard honeycomb interior.
  • Foam is wrapped in a sweat-proof grip tape
  • Durable fiberglass, designed to withstand the elements

2. Pickleball Shoes

A good pair of shoes is essential for any athlete, providing proper support and grip on the court.

Let’s face it – those old sneakers have probably seen better days after countless hours of rallying and serving. 

Not only do they add a pop of color to any court, but they also provide superior traction and support for those intense rallies.

Plus, think about all the compliments your gift recipient will receive from their pickleball buddies!

So why not gift your pickleball pal with the gift of improved game play (and maybe even less stinky feet) by surprising them with some brand new kicks! It’s sure to score some points on and off the court.

Trust me, they’ll be jumping for joy (in their new shoes).

FitVille Women’s Pickleball Shoes

White pickleball shoes are always in style, and they’re a safe bet because they look good with any outfit!

These FitVille Amadeus shoes offer a fresh perspective on contemporary pickleball shoes and incorporate everything required for peak sporting performance.

Designed for professional and recreational pickleball players, they’re torsion-resistant and have an enhanced non-slip design (made from premium rubber), allowing your giftee to play freely on all kinds of surfaces.

More of our favorite features:
  • Wide design for maximum comfort
  • Super soft & breathable fabric to stay cool
  • Removable insoles with arch support

Rush Pro Ace Pickler Men’s Pickleball Shoes

The Pro Ace line is a pair that any male pickler will love.

They offer the best combination of cushioning and rebound for dynamic performance, with a brand that any pickler will recognize.

Made with a high-density, durable rubber compound that provides abrasion resistance and maximum traction on ALL surfaces, these shoes will help your pickler stay stable while making those powerful shots. 

Not to mention they’re unbelievably stylish!

More of our favorite features:
  • Minimally layered upper construction upgrades comfort while maintaining superior support
  • High-density OrthoLite foam offers maximum cushioning and impressive longevity
  • Heel-to-toe chassis delivers enhanced stability and limits supination for more controlled pivot movements

3. Pickleball Clothing

Pickleball players take their sport seriously and are always on the lookout for gear that will enhance their performance and make them stand out on the court.

Not only do they get to show their love of the sport, but they also get to show off their adorable dill-themed apparel. 

From stylish and breathable shirts to comfortable skorts and shorts, pickleball clothing is bound to make any player happy. 

And let’s face it, what kind of pickleball player wants to wear a shirt stained with sweat and grass from their last game?

New pickleball clothing is a gift that keeps on giving – it helps them look good on the court, but also helps improve their gameplay by keeping them cool and comfortable. 

Plus, with so many options for shirts, hats, and even socks, you’ll have plenty of choices to find the perfect gift for any pickleball fan.

So skip the gift cards and give the gift of style – new pickleball clothing.

Wilson West Side Tennis Skirt

Classy yet sporty, who doesn’t like a classic white sporty skirt!

It is the perfect gift for pickleball players who love to look cute on the court and probably one of our favorite items on this list

Pair this pleated beauty with the women’s white and pink Fitville shoes and you’re two-thirds of the way there for a killer outfit.

The fabric is breathable and lightweight, so your pickler will stay comfortable while they work up a sweat.

More of our favorite features:
  • Compression undershort that delivers chafe-free experience
  • Multiple storage locations for tennis balls and small essentials
  • Anti-Odor fabric

Wilson All Day Tennis Short 

The hunt for the perfect pair of pickleball shorts ends here.

These shorts are not only built for performance but they also look incredible. 

Help your giftee stay comfortable and dry all day long, and keep their belongings secure.

Personally, we love green, but if that’s not their color, navy and white are also just as stylish!

More of our favorite features:
  • Two and four way stretch material
  • Multiple storage locations for tennis balls and small essentials
  • Anti-odor and quick-dry fabric

Wilson Breakpoint Seamless Tee

Something that all pickleball players could use more of – a great athletic top!

Built to perform match after match, this seamless tee delivers lightweight breathability and comfort.

The fabric is lightweight, making it a great choice for hot weather. The seams are minimal, so they can say goodbye to uncomfortable chafing. 

They’ll feel like they can take on the world (or a new pickleball opponent!) in this one-of-a-kind tee.

The only challenge? Getting them to take it off.

More of our favorite features:
  • Eco-friendly and engineered for ventilation
  • Hem vent at the hip for proper fit and shape retention
  • Anti-odor and quick-dry fabric

Fun Pickleball T-Shirts

Are you looking for a gift for a pickleball player who lives and breathes the sport?

Then they’d love a shirt they can rock on and off the court to show their pickle love! 

Whether you’re looking for something cute or humorous, we have you covered with these funny pickleball t-shirts.

Better yet – all sizes are unisex so they’re perfect for the pickleman or picklewoman in your life.

More of our favorite features:

  • Ultra-comfortable (100% cotton)
  • Tons of colors and designs to choose from
  • Fast shipping (ships from USA)

4. Pickleball Bags

Pickleball players know the struggle of carrying around all their gear, from paddles to balls to extra water bottles.

Enter the gift of a pickleball bag – a gift that says “I care about your arm strength and comfort on the court.”

This makes it an essential accessory for any player, and one of the most useful gifts for pickleball players.

Plus, with different designs and added features available, there’s sure to be a bag that fits each player’s unique style.

These bags come in all shapes and sizes, with room for multiple paddles, balls, water bottles, and even a change of clothes.

Plus, they often include specialized compartments for dirty shoes or sweaty towels. 

Give the gift of convenience and practicality to any pickleball player with a new pickleball bag – it’s sure to be a game-changer.

Wilson Racquet/Paddle Backpack 


Wilson’s Tour Collection backpacks are the perfect way to transport that pickleball gear.

This bag has a front ventilated pocket, a lockable compartment for paddles or racquets, and plenty of space for personal belongings so your pickler can keep everything organized in one place!

This collection combines sharp design with efficient functionality – all the key features that make this the perfect gift for pickleball players.

More of our favorite features:
  • Front ventilated pocket for shoes or dirty clothes
  • Lockable pocket that can hold two paddles or racquets
  • Padded adjustable shoulder straps

Hana Pickleball Sling Bag (Nine Aces)


The Hana backpack is designed to carry all gear (pickleball or otherwise) on the go, which makes it a useful gift for pickleball players.

Whether you’re hitting the courts or hitting a patio, Hana will keep you organized and stylish!

This handcrafted backpack is made of 100% vegan leather and is designed with a unique multi-functional design that holds two pickleball paddles along with four inside pockets and additional side pockets.

Bonus? It comes with a free matching clutch!

More of our favorite features:
  • Wear it on the shoulder or as a backpack
  • A separate compartment for paddles, and tons of pockets for everything else
  • Water ripple pattern material in navy or black

Sara Pickleball Backpack (Nine Aces)

The Sara backpack is both casual yet classy – designed to accommodate two standard-size pickleball paddles in an easily accessible separate pocket.

We know that you want to give a gift that is durable and will last long into the future – and Sara will do exactly that!

It includes features like a durable drawstring closure and tough vegan leather construction.

The lid helps secure the interior, and four exterior pockets ensure your pickler will have room for all their needs.

Plus, the zippered front pocket makes it easy to get their gear to and from the court.

More of our favorite features:
  • Available in cream, scarlet, black, and sand (we like them all!)
  • Adorable black-white striped liner
  • Can hold up to 2-4 pickleball paddles

5. Pickleball Accessories

Can’t decide on one of the bigger gifts for your pickleball-obsessed friend or family member?

Why not a few different pickleball accessories?

Whether it’s a fancy paddle cover, extra balls, or comfortable wristbands, new accessories can bring some excitement to their game. 

We all know how pickleball players can be about their gear.

Upgrading their equipment can give them an edge and potentially improve their game

So skip the gift cards and get them something they’ll actually use and love – new pickleball accessories.

Whichever accessory you choose, it’s guaranteed to score an ace with your pickleball-loving gift recipient.

Recess Grip Tape

There’s something about this saddle-brown grip tape color that screams retro and we love it.

Not comfortable purchasing your pickleball buddy an entirely new paddle?

Well, allow them to give their sidekick a facelift with this gorgeous tape.

Grip tape keeps their paddle handle fresh and sweat-proof, which can significantly help their performance.

Recess also has instructions on how to replace grip tape on their website (so you can sound like a knowledgeable gift giver!).

More of our favorite features:
  • Designed in Texas (yay for local!)
  • Comfortable padding
  • Lasts for 12 hours of play before the tacky coating starts to wear 

Set of Pickleballs

Pickleballs to a pickler is like air to a human – essential!

Ever seen a pickleball game without a pickleball? It’s virtually impossible. 

A set of pickleballs is one of the safest gifts for pickleball players.

They make a great stocking stuffer or add on to any of the above gift ideas. 

Plus, they come in all different colors! Here are some of our favorite sets:

Recess Pickleballs (White)

Recess Pickleballs (Neon)

Wilson Pickleballs (Red)

Portable Pickleball Net System

Give the gift of pickleball wherever and whenever!

This Portable Pickleball Net System is perfect for your pickleball enthusiast who wants to take their game on the road.

Sure, the price tag is higher than some of the other gifts on this list, but this is a definite way to earn a place in your pickler’s heart forever.

With a setup (or takedown) of only 10 minutes, this will solve all of their “damn the courts are full” problems.

More of our favorite features:
  • Sturdy steel composition
  • Approved by USAPA
  • Carrying bag included!

Other great gifts for pickleball players

Pickleball Tutor Plus ball machine with 40 pickleballs in the top

If you’re feeling extra generous, consider purchasing them a pickleball ball machine, membership to a pickleball league, a class to sharpen their game, or a private pickleball lesson with a professional coach! 

Not only is it a unique and exciting gift idea, but it’s also an opportunity for your recipient to improve their skills and take their pickleball game to the next level.

Plus, with personalized instruction and feedback from a pro, they’ll learn strategies and techniques that they can use on the court (and maybe they’ll share the knowledge!). 

So go ahead and give them the gift of improvement – they’ll love getting to show off their new skills at the next family barbecue or pickleball tournament.

Trust us, they won’t be able to stop raving about this gift (and maybe even declare you as their MVP).


That’s it for our list of great gifts for pickleball players!

Hopefully, you found something that will make your favorite player happy.

If not, don’t worry – we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting pickleball gear, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, tell us about your best gifts for pickleball players in the comments below.

We would love to hear from you!


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