What is picklesoft? How to play quiet pickleball

How to play quiet pickleball

Are you pickleball-obsessed? Do you wish you could play all day every day, but instead, you’re stuck feeling worried about the noise level and accidentally pissing off your neighbors? You might want to learn how to play picklesoft.

Picklesoft is a fancy name for quiet pickleball, and it gives pickleball players the opportunity to play their favorite game anywhere, anytime while staying respectful of noise levels in the neighborhood.

Angry (and, honestly, understandable) noise complaints are becoming more and more frequent as pickleball becomes increasingly popular (you probably know by now that pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America).

From special equipment to a different pace of play, keep reading to learn how picklesoft can allow you to play pickleball without making a total racket (get it?).

Introducing Picklesoft – What is it, and why pickleballers are loving it.

Have you heard of picklesoft before? It’s a new name given to the game of quiet pickleball that makes the sport a bit quieter.

Picklesoft involves playing pickleball with a foam ball or even using a quiet pickleball paddle for ultimate discretion, making it the perfect way for pickleballers to practice their skills in silence.

Playing picklesoft also opens up opportunities to play pickleball in residential areas, apartment complexes or condominiums where regular playing can annoy or disturb neighbors.

Pickleball Noise Complaint

Whether you want to play quietly or simply want to switch things up to a slower pace, picklesoft is pretty fun. So how do you play?

Understanding the game of Quiet Pickleball – What are the rules and regulations?

Quiet pickleball is ideal for players looking for a less noisy, yet equally fun and competitive game. Understanding the rules and regulations is pretty simple—it’s not that different from regular pickleball!

This variation of the game includes all the same court layout, strokes, and strategy as regular pickleball but specifies that players must use foam pickleballs, like these ones from Amazon.

These balls are soft and spongy, reducing “clack” or reverberation when striking the ball creating a quieter environment on the court.

Gear you need for quiet pickleball—balls, rackets, paddles, and more

When it comes to playing quiet pickleball, having the right gear is essential.

A foam pickleball is necessary, as it reduces the amount of noise created when striking the ball. These balls are available on Amazon and other online retailers.

Tourna 12-Pack Foam Pickleballs
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  • Pickleball-sized foam balls are great for indoor and outdoor play
  • Simulates the actual bounce of a regular ball
  • The bounce is soft and quiet so it won't make a loud noise when hitting the court or wall.
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You can also use a quiet pickleball paddle or racket along with a foam ball for maximum sound-dampening effects.

There is conflicting information online about the effectiveness of ‘quiet’ pickleball paddles—do they actually sound quieter or is it just a marketing ploy?

From what I’ve read and researched, if you’re looking for a quiet pickleball paddle, consider looking for an edgeless paddle or a paddle with holes drilled into it to help dampen the sound and decibel level.

A regular pickleball court and net are fine to use for picklesoft.

How to play quiet pickleball

Where to play quiet pickleball

The best part about quiet pickleball is that you can play it anywhere.

It doesn’t matter if you’re close to other people’s houses—the foam balls and quiet pickleball paddles should help to make sure the noise doesn’t bother anyone. You’ll still need a regular pickleball court, but the game is much quieter so people nearby won’t be disturbed!

One important note: because the pickleball is made of foam, it’s much lighter than a regular pickleball. If it’s particularly windy outside, it might not work as well to play!

Is pickleball noisy?

In 2023, quiet pickleball is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to address the growing problem of noise complaints.

As more and more people turned to outdoor activities during the pandemic, cities have been inundated with reports of noisy pickleball games occurring late into the night, leaving neighbors unable to sleep peacefully.

In response, many places have started enforcing new noise ordinances, making it difficult for people to play traditional pickleball. Quiet pickleball offers a solution – it enables people to play outdoors without making too much noise and disturbing others.

The softer sound of this variation on the game has made it popular in urban areas as well as residential neighborhoods.


Picklesoft is the perfect way to play a game of pickleball without disturbing anyone in the process. If you’re still concerned with noise complaints, read our guide on how to handle pickleball noise complaints here.

With modified equipment, a different pace of play and an understanding of the rules and regulations for quiet pickleball, players can get back into their beloved sport while still respecting noise levels in residential areas.

Whether you’re looking to practice quietly or switch up your game style, picklesoft offers a great solution that also opens up opportunities to play anywhere—as long as it isn’t too windy outside for those foam balls!


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