The 9 (Surprising) Benefits of Playing Nude Pickleball

A women plays nude pickleball on an outdoor court

Nude pickleball has been all over the news—more and more players are picking up their paddles and tossing off their clothes to play the clothing-optional version in 2023! 

Naked pickleball is just like regular pickleball but is played without clothing.

Most players still wear shoes, socks, and plenty of sunscreen. The rest of the rules remain the same. 

Today, nude pickleball is played at dozens of naturist (or nudist) resorts in the USA and around the world. Most people have heard of it, even if they’ve never tried it themselves.

But did you know there are actually many benefits to playing the sport naked? 

Keep reading to discover the 9 surprising benefits of playing pickleball nude. 

We’ve also answered some burning FAQs about nude pickleballis it even legal? Is it safe? What equipment do you need to play?

Let’s go!

1. Nude pickleball is freeing

Toss out that baggy t-shirt and too-tight pair of shorts. 

Playing nude pickleball offers a sense of freedom and liberation that comes with having no clothing restrictions. 

Without clothes to constrict your movement, pickleball players can move freely with better range of motion. 

There’s also less room for error or bad habits from being uncomfortable or restricted by clothes.  

Instead, you can focus completely on bettering your technique, accuracy, and power with every shot. 

naked body line art

2. You’ll need a better strategy

It’s an unspoken rule in nude pickleball that you shouldn’t hit hard volleys straight at your opponents, er, more sensitive bits. 

This means you need to be creative and strategic with the shots you do make, like cross-court dinks, lobs, and drop shots. 

Careful strategy and calculated shots play a much larger role in naked pickleball than in the regular sport.

pickleball strategy

3. You’ll have to do less laundry

Think about it. Less sweaty clothes mean fewer clothes to wash, especially if you’re playing pickleball multiple times a week. 

It also means less money spent on expensive pickleball clothes. Think about how much you’ve already spent on those expensive tennis skirts or collection of collared shirts. 

With fewer distractions from chores like laundry or shopping, you’ll be able to spend more time relaxing, socializing, and refining your pickleball skills to become an even better player.

4. No tan lines! 

Aesthetically speaking, nude pickleball is a great sport for players who want to show off their physique or just want the feeling of being physically exposed without judgement from others around them – it is also a great way to avoid tan lines! 


5. Nude pickleball builds community

Nudity allows players to connect with their competitors on an intimate level—it creates a sense of bonding and trust amongst players which can help them work as a team and increase morale during matches. 

pickleball community

6. It’s empowering 

Playing nude pickleball helps players feel empowered by pushing past boundaries set by society’s traditional norms surrounding nudity. 

It provides an opportunity for self-expression through sport without caring about what others think or say—and that has both mental health and social well-being benefits, too!

7. It’s natural—and cooling

Being nude also allows players to be more closely connected with nature when playing pickleball outdoors, which can be a very calming and relaxing experience for many people. 

Feeling the sunshine on your skin or hearing the sound of birds chirping can give an unparalleled sense of joy that’s difficult to get from textile (clothed) pickleball

Plus, less clothing means you’ll keep cool in warmer temps and under the hot sun. Just don’t forget your sunscreen. 

8. It’s easier to keep your eye on the ball

Let’s face it—looking at other people’s private areas isn’t exactly ideal. 

That’s why you’ll be more motivated to focus on the ball when playing pickleball naked. The more you can narrow your focus, the more successful you’ll be in making contact with the ball and your paddle and scoring points. 

line art legs

9. Finally, playing nude pickleball is simply fun! 

Being totally exposed while playing in a competitive environment makes it exciting and playful. It’s a feeling like no other.

Plus, there’s always plenty of laughter between friends who play pickleball nude—making it a great stress reliever after a long day. 

hands holding cocktails


Is it safe to play nude pickleball

Nude pickleball is no less safe than regular pickleball, but there are a few factors you’ll have to consider.

Be aware of the increased potential for a bad sunburn and wear lots of sunscreen on your entire body- especially those areas that don’t usually see the sun.

With less clothing comes less layers of protection against bruises, scrapes, and court burns. Be careful when sliding or diving for the pickleball.

Although a pickleball is made of lightweight plastic, it can really sting if it hits you hard! It can be especially painful if it hits your more “sensitive” areas. Be a good sport and try not to slam the pickleball into your opponent when playing the sport naked.

Is it legal to play nude pickleball?

Although you can’t just show up to your local court, gym, or community center to play pickleball naked, nude pickleball is legal in America.

The clothing-option version of the sport must be played in private nudist resorts or communities and agreed upon and consented to by everyone involved.

For anyone opposed to nude pickleball, don’t worry—you won’t be showing up for your next doubles match at the public court to an unwanted surprise.

Where do you play nude pickleball?

There are tons of nudist or naturist resorts in America and around the world that offer nude pickleball games and tournaments. In fact, pickleball is one of the most popular sports at many clothing-optional resorts!

Here are just some of the places to play nude pickleball in America:

Cedar Waters Village in New Hampshire
Cypress Cove Nudist Resort (hosts the popular Clothing Independence Day pickleball tournament on July 4th each year)
Caliente Club and Resorts in Land O’ Lakes
White Horn Lodge in Beaver, PA
Eden RV Resort
Caliente Club and Resorts
Alpenglow Ranch
Lake Bronson

What equipment do you need to play pickleball nude?

Although it’s called nude pickleball, you won’t be completely naked. You still need to wear proper footwear like pickleball court shoes, socks, sunglasses, and a visor or a hat.

You’ll also need the usual pickleball equipment—a paddle and a pickleball, for starters.

It’s also really important to wear lots of sunscreen and stay hydrated!


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