Pickleball Court Maintenance: Clean Up Your Court!


As any pickleball player can tell you, having a clean, well-maintained court is essential for playing your best game. After all, no one wants to try and hit a ball in the middle of a pile of leaves or deal with an errant dandelion sticking out of the ground. 

A good pickleball court maintenance routine will ensure that your court looks great and plays even better. Read on to find out how to keep your court in top shape! 

5 Steps to Pickleball Court Maintenance

Pickleball court maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult. But it does require some regular care and attention in order to ensure that you’re getting maximum enjoyment out of every game you play!

The maintenance will be different depending on your type of court (clay, concrete, grass, etc) but we’ve put together a list of items to stay on top of. 

1. Repairing Cracks 


A cracked court can be both unsightly and dangerous, so it’s important to repair cracks as soon as they appear. To fill in small cracks, simply use an appropriate concrete filler material and follow the directions on the package carefully. 

For larger cracks, it’s best to call in a professional who has experience with racquet courts, or other hard surfaces. 

They can assess the situation properly and make sure that your cracks are filled correctly without further damaging your pickleball court

2. Cleaning Up Debris                                      

Pickleball courts can quickly become overrun with debris if they aren’t cleaned regularly. Leaves, branches, sticks—all this stuff has no place on your pickleball court


Make sure you sweep away any debris from your court after storms or heavy winds come through town. This will help prevent clumps from forming on your surface which could cause players to slip or trip during their games. 

Additionally, check for items like rocks or stones that may have been brought onto the court by foot traffic. These should be removed right away before someone gets hurt when trying to play a shot around them! 

3. Freshen Up Your Lines 

The lines on your court are essential for game play so it’s important that they stay fresh and visible. This can be done by investing in a line maker or a line cleaner – a tool specifically designed to keep your lines looking sharp and crisp. 

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Whether you do this yourself or hire someone else to do it for you will depend on how often you plan on playing pickleball. If you’re playing every day then having someone come out every few months can help keep your lines looking great all year round. 

If you’re doing the lines yourself, make sure you know the standard pickleball court dimensions.

4. Weeding and Mulching 


One of the most important aspects of maintaining a pickleball court is keeping weeds at bay. No one likes trying to hit a ball around or over an intrusive dandelion or thistle. 

The best way to keep weeds from infiltrating your court is by regularly weeding and mulching. Pull up any weeds that show up as soon as possible, then lay down fresh mulch over the entire surface of the court every few months. 

This will help suppress weed growth while also helping reduce soil erosion and moisture loss from the surface of the court. 

5. Check Your Net Height 

It might not seem like a big deal but having your net set at the correct height can make a huge difference when it comes time to actually play! 

The pickleball net should be exactly 34 inches in height at its center post. If it’s lower than that then shots will go over too easily and if it’s higher then shots will hit the net.

So make sure you check the pickleball net height before each game. 

a diagram showing the proper height of a pickleball net compared to a tennis net


Pickleball court maintenance doesn’t have to be a chore. With just a few simple steps you can keep it looking great all season long! Regular cleaning, updating equipment, marking lines, and checking net heights all contribute to creating an ideal environment for quality pickleball games. 

This way you can focus on enjoying yourself instead of worrying about what condition it’s in! So get out there today and start taking care of your favorite spot for pickleball fun.


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