Why You Should Never Date a Tennis Player


Looking to date a tennis player? Think again. Sure, they may have killer abs and an impressive backhand, but dating a tennis player is a lot of work.

Unfortunately, we have our fair share of experience in this department. So here’s our thoughts on why you should never date a tennis player.

1. Tennis players are high-maintenance

Let me tell you about why you should avoid dating a tennis player. Sure, they may be fit and have killer serves, but trust me – the maintenance on their ego is not worth it

  • they always need new rackets and expensive strings
  • they throw tantrums when they lose a match
  • they never want to pay for anything because “sponsors have to take care of all that”

And let’s not even get started on their strict diets.

So save yourself the drama and date someone who’s a little more low-maintenance, like a dodgeball player or something. Your sanity will thank you. 


2. They’re always traveling and you’ll never see them

If you’re looking to date a professional tennis player, you better be ready for some serious traveling. These athletes are constantly on the go, competing in tournaments all around the world. 

In fact, it’s quite rare that you’ll ever catch them in one place for more than a couple weeks at a time. So if stability and being able to see your partner on a regular basis is important to you, a tennis player might not be the best choice. 

But if you don’t mind jet-setting with your boo, and have an insatiable wanderlust, dating a tennis player could be the perfect opportunity for some exciting and exotic adventures. Think about it: dinner overlooking the Eiffel Tower in Paris or a picnic on the beach in Sydney.

Just make sure to pack your tennis shoes (and sunscreen) because they may never stay put long enough for Netflix and chill nights at home.

3. They have a lot of drama with other tennis players

Who knew hitting a tiny ball back and forth could cause so much drama? As any tennis fan knows, the sport is rife with feuds and ‘player-dating’ scandals.

One minute, your favorite player is hugging their doubles partner on the court, and the next they’re calling them out on social media for allegedly dating their ex. 

From players feuding with each other to coaches calling out referees, it’s pretty much a soap opera on a tennis court. But all this drama also makes for some pretty entertaining match moments – as long as you’re not actually involved in it, that is. 

Just Google “Williams sisters drama” if you want a never-ending supply of gossip and shade. But hey, all this drama definitely helps keep things interesting in the tennis world. 

So if you’re up for some daily drama and excitement, maybe consider dating a tennis player (or becoming one yourself!). Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

4. Tennis players are always injured

Let’s face it, being a professional tennis player is demanding on the body. Slapping that little yellow ball back and forth for hours on end can take a toll, and injuries are almost inevitable. 

But before you go canceling your date with that hot tennis pro, remember this: not all injuries are created equal. Sure, they may need to ice their shoulder or get treatment for a twisted ankle occasionally, but these are common athletic injuries that happen to athletes in any sport. 

The real danger zone for tennis players is their lower back and kneesSerena Williams famously dealt with knee issues throughout her career, leading her to have multiple surgeries. So if you’re a fan of rough and tumble sports where broken bones are a badge of honor, date away. 

But be forewarned: those long hours on the court might mean your tennis pro has chronic pain down the line. Maybe rethink that intense game of doubles on date night. Just saying.

5. You’ll never be able to watch your favorite shows or movies with them because they’ll be practicing

Are you tired of constantly having to reschedule date nights with your tennis player because they have practice or a match? Or maybe you can never seem to find time to watch your favorite show or movie together because they’re always at the court practicing their serves and backhands. 

Look, I get it – tennis players have a really demanding schedule and they need to make sure they’re in top shape for tournaments. But that doesn’t mean date night can’t happen. 

Why not bring a blanket and glasses of wine to the court and watch them practice? Trust me, it’s surprisingly sexy watching them move around the court with grace and precision. 

Who says date night has to be just sitting on the couch binge-watching Netflix? Get creative and if you decide to date a tennis player, make those tennis dates work for you.

So go ahead and swipe right on that hot tennis player – just don’t expect much couch time together.


6. They have no chill – they’re always working, even on vacation

Ah, the life of a tennis player. The adoration of fans, the luxurious travel, the million dollar tournament prize money…but wait, those things only happen if you’re in top shape and constantly working on your game.

For those of us who date tennis players, “vacation” means hitting balls at local courts or sneaking in some time at a nearby tennis academy instead of lounging by the pool. This likely means an extra suitcase for their portable tennis net.

If you’re thinking about dating a tennis player, be prepared for never-ending tennis talk and a complete lack of chill when it comes to their game. Whether they’re on vacation, at the beach, or just hanging out at home, they’ll find any excuse to hit some balls and work on their serve or backhand. 

Don’t even think about suggesting they take a break – they’ll probably look at you like you’ve just suggested they give up the sport entirely. 

And definitely don’t be surprised if they schedule date nights around practicing at the court. 

Bottom line: if you can handle their constant obsession with improving as a player, dating a tennis pro can mean no shortage of good times on the court together. Just be prepared for them to go after every match like it’s the one that will make or break their career. 

That kind of passion could definitely translate off the court though, if you know what I mean.


That’s why you should never date a tennis player

So before you sign yourself up for the exhausting job of being a tennis player’s significant other, make sure you truly understand the commitment you’re getting yourself into. Just remember – there are plenty of fish in the sea who won’t require quite as much maintenance.

Plus, let’s be real – do you really want to sit on the sidelines watching them hit balls back and forth all day? Didn’t think so. 

Find someone with a less excessive hobby, and your relationship (and wallet) will thank you.

Happy swiping!


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