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It was 2021 and we had a problem: we were tired of showing up to the pickleball court with our old gym bags. 

After not seeing many stylish-yet-practical tennis or pickleball bags on the market, we decided to sell our own! 

In 2022, Racket Royalty was born. A space for us to provide quality tennis and pickleball products and information to help you enjoy the sport—and to look good doing it! 

We’ve sourced a carefully curated selection of t-shirts, totes, and backpacks. We also share useful pickleball and tennis tips, news, and knowledge on our blog!

We’re so happy you’re here. We hope you discover something new to love about the sport. 

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Riley & Lauren
Founders of Racket Royalty
pickleball enthusiasts

Two Sisters

Registered Nurse, exercise-fanatic, and online entrepreneur

Pickleball or tennis: i’m a tennis player but have recently fallen in love with pickleball. 

Favorite shot to make in a match: my backhand has improved so much over the last few years, so I’m pretty proud of that. 

Favorite Slogan tee: Queen of the court. Intimidating yet playful and stylish!

Tote, backpack, or duffel: The Maya tote is my go-to for a day on the court. 

Thought leader, avid writer, and humanitarian

Pickleball or tennis: pickleball!

Favorite shot to make in a match: I love dinking in pickleball, but i don’t always make the shot.

Favorite Slogan tee: pickleball chick, definitely.

Tote, backpack, or duffel: I usually take the sara backpack with me, even if I’m not heading to a match. 

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